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  • SHINKO STREET BATTLE Win A Set Of Shinko Tires For Your Best Photo

    Get in the FIGHT! The Shinko Tire Street Battle is underway - Ends September 30th - Submit your best photos now! Get in early as we will be sharing them all month to help you gain support!

  • STUNT GALLERY The Best The World Has To Offer

    The second revolution has arrived - You can now view all the Starboyz stunt footage & photography from around the globe. New gangstar shots added after each ride.

  • FREE TEE - EVERY PURCHASE Original & LTD Collections

    Get the gear every courtroom loves - We've brought back the classics and introduced new Limited Edition Prints! Get them before they're gone.

  • STREET UNIT - ROLL CALL We're Taking It To The Streets

    The second revolution has arrived - Join the Starboyz Street Unit and take to the streets for the World Take Over. You might even make the FTP 7 cut...

  • STREET UNIT BATTLES We Own These Streets

    You think you've got what it takes to ride with the best? Prove it. Join Stunt Wars and show off your nastiest skills. Who will rise to the top - you? Check out the latest battle.

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Shinko Tire Giveaway

The World Takeover Meet The Starboyz Teams

It is time for the worldwide stunt revolutionz to begin! We're taking over the streets on a global level.
Check out the riders East-West North-South stuntin under the Starboyz flag - Humbling but Fucking Gangstar!

FTP 7 SNEAK PEEK – FALL 2014 in the meantime enjoy some classic footage.

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Sign up to receive instant access to the Original FTP Films that started it all - For Only $3 Bucks Each! Optimized for desktop, mobile & tablet viewing; download right to your device. Take them anywhere & watch'em anytime!

FTP 1 The Original
FTP 2 Furred Out
FTP 2.5
FTP 3 O.G.
FTP 5 A Decade of Chaos
FTP 6 Starboyz From Hell

Video downloads will be launching in a couple weeks so don't miss out. Click Here to get notified & special launch pricing!


You can now own the ENTIRE ORIGINAL FTP collection, Stuntfest films and FTP7 - Sign up today to receive special pricing & bonus gifts!

  • Street Unit
  • The Roots
  • Gangstar Shop
  • Stargirlz
Street Unit

Street Unit

We own these streets.

There are many stunt riders out there but we got the baddest stunters in the world... east to west... north to south... all around the fucking globe! Listen up because the time is now - this is a world revolution you're not going to wanna miss.

We're taking it back to the roots... where it all started - we're keeping it street.

We invite you to join the Stunt Battles. Enter your best photo each week to have a chance to win free shit & even put some paper in your pocket!

{ Ride Starboyz } Street Unit

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The Roots

Starboyz Roots

A hobby turned global phenomenon.

Starboyz started as a bunch of friends just living up our addiction to ride. Pushing each other & our bikes to the max. Burning tires, blowing up motors... dressin 'em up in fur.

We were born to ride; when we're out there we're not thinking about anything else but riding. No plate, no insurance, no license... we didn't care - we are just a bunch of boyz pushing the envelope everyday.

Take a glimpse inside the birth of the modern day worldwide stunt scene.

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Gangstar Shop

Get The Gear

Every courtroom loves

We've brought back the Originals & introduced the LTD Collection. Available in a wide selection of colors & styles.

Have you been searching for favorite FTP Stunt Videos? We've recently made them available for download or HD for your big screen viewing pleasure.

We demand the very best of our riding gear & performance parts & have partnered with leading manufactures to offer you the same great values.

Want to be the first to know of sales & new gear? Be sure to get on the list - we won't waste your time with any bullshit..

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The Stargirlz

Simply Put - Damn.

Every gangstarz better half is a Stargirl - Thats right, they're the ones holding it down and bringing industry, grundge, and rockabilly style to the Starboyz community.

Patience is key, but you better believe we have some great stuff coming soon including a brand new clothing line and Stargirlz calendar.

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  • Octane Nights - WED 08/27
    Ravenna OH


    Shutting down E. Main St from 5-9PM! We are performing multiple shows at 6, 7 & 8 - Cruise-In
  • Grohl Rock n Art Fest - SAT 09/13
    Warren OH +

    We'll be blowing up downtown Warren 6-10PM to benefit David Grohl Alley!
  • Biketober Fest - Fall 2014


    Fall 2014 - Details Coming Soon Ahhhh!
  • Stunt Fest XIV - North Carolina


    More details being released soon. It's gonna be epic!
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Get the gear - The original Starboyz Threads & Introducing The New Limited Edition Collection! This Swag Is Gangstar.